Las Doñas de La Corte's 2019

Court of Legendary Enchantment

The Court of Legendary Enchantment celebrates captivating women from history, literature and fantasy whose virtues remain timeless and universal.

The gowns and trains – each one an extraordinary work of art – tell the tales of women whose strength, character and beauty are legendary; some of whom have changed history, some have lead nations and some have deeply touched heart and soul.

From the whimsy of beguiling fairies, to the courage of stately queens, these women fascinate, delight and inspire one and all to travel their own paths and to write their own stories.

Queen Elizabeth Claire Webster

Elizabeth Claire Webster

Queen of Eternal Light
Representing Hemera, the Goddess of Daylight
Princess Olivia Cannon McClanahan

Olivia Cannon McClanahan

Princess of Enchanted Evenings
Representing Luna, the Moon Goddess
Duchess Sydney Brooke Allison

Sydney Brooke Allison

Duchess of Inspired Style
Representing the Unique Flair of Coco Channel
Duchess Sophia Baylor Berry

Sophia Baylor Berry

Duchess of People's Adoration
Representing the Compassion and
Elegance of Princess Diana
Duchess Jacqueline Elena Black

Jacqueline Elena Black

Duchess of Inner Beauty
Representing Belle, the Beauty of
Beauty and the Beast
Duchess Mary Christine Buhidar

Mary Christine Buhidar

Duchess of Goodness and Adversity
Representing the Story of Cinderella
Duchess Alison Pearle Cable

Alison Pearle Cable

Duchess of Profound Love
Representing Guinevere of Camelot
Duchess Jane Carlson

Sarah Jane Carlson

Duchess of Human Kindness
Representing the Beauty and Humanity
of Audrey Hepburn
Duchess Madison Leilani Carter

Madison Leilani Carter

Duchess of Nature's Order
Representing Titania, Queen of the Fairies
Duchess Ashley Kay Crawford

Ashley Kay Crawford

Duchess of Glamorous Caring
Representing the Heart of Elizabeth Taylor
Duchess Madeline Elizabeth Fraiche

Madeline Elizabeth Fraiche

Duchess of Goodness from Oz
Representing Glinda, the Good Witch
Duchess Madisyn Brianne Freymiller

Madisyn Brianne Freymiller

Duchess of Everlasting Love
Representing Mumtaz, the Favorite
Wife of Shah Jahan
Duchess Cecelia Louise Hada

Cecelia Louise Hada

Duchess of Melodious Giggles
Representing the Magic of Tinkerbell
Duchess Paris Elizabeth Hanna

Paris Elizabeth Hanna

Duchess of Exile and Empowerment
Representing the Wiles of Queen Esther
Duchess Georgia Alice Kinsel

Georgia Alice Kinsel

Duchess of the Glorious Empire
Representing the Historic Reign of
Queen Victoria of Great Britain
Duchess Meredith Russell Kirkland

Meredith Russell Kirkland

Duchess of Magical Song
Representing the Musical Talent
of Julie Andrews
Duchess Katherine Eleanor Krockover

Katherine Eleanor Krockover

Duchess of Comical Whimsy
Representing the Joy and Delight of Lucille Ball
Duchess Paige Miranda Lippincott

Paige Miranda Lippincott

Duchess of Feminine Valor
Representing the Power of Eleanor of Aquitaine
Duchess Callaway Elizabeth McKinnon

Callaway Elizabeth McKinnon

Duchess of Dreams Realized
Representing Princess Grace of Monaco
Duchess Emily Morgan Roemer

Emily Morgan Roemer

Duchess of Mythological Beauty
Representing the Beauty and Wonder of Helen of Troy
Duchess Schuyler Elizabeth Seitz

Schuyler Elizabeth Seitz

Duchess of American Royalty
Representing the Elegance of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Duchess Emily Anne Stokes

Emily Anne Stokes

Duchess of Enlightened Russia
Representing the Era of Catherine the Great
Duchess Ellie Makae Tilton

Ellie Makae Tilton

Duchess of Curiosity and Harmony
Representing Ariel, the Little Mermaid
Ducchess Kathryn Trevino

Anne Kathryn Trevino

Duchess of Awakening Love
Representing Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty
Duchess Michelle Saida Watts

Michelle Saida Watts

Duchess of Goodwill
Representing Snow White, the Fairest of All
Duchess Carson Elizabeth Wolff

Carson Elizabeth Wolff

Duchess of Fantastic Voyages
Representing the Spirit of Queen Isabella of Spain