Las Doñas de La Corte's 2021

Court of Imagination in Bloom

In every culture and throughout time, flowers have been central to the human experience. Whether growing wild or in gardens, blooming in works of art or written into the pages of great literature, flowers surround, delight and inspire us..

The Court of Imagination in Bloom portrays dresses and trains that celebrate a wide variety of flowers with all of their associated myths, legends, traditions and stories. They illuminate these tales and highlight the brilliance of imagination with glittering dresses, and sparkling trains.

Danish Hans Christian Anderson, known for his classic fairy tales, once said, “Just living is not enough,…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Queen Samantha Robin Mayo

Samantha Robin Mayo

Queen of Glorious Springtime
Representing Flora, the Goddess of Flowers
Princess Eleanor Lipsomb McClanahan

Eleanor Lipsomb McClanahan

Princess of the Beloved Rose
Representing Venus, the Goddess of Love
Duchess Montgomery Jett Angel

Montgomery Jett Angel

Duchess of the Stunning Tiger Lily
Representing the Bonds of Enduring Friendship
Duchess Anne-Marie Appling

Anne-Marie Appling

Duchess of Majestic Hollyhock
Representing Exuberant Fortitude
Duchess Samantha Sarah Babbili

Samantha Sarah Babbili

Duchess of the Beloved Jasmine
Representing Ceremonial Adornment
Duchess Sarah Carrington Bass

Sarah Carrington Bass

Duchess of Extraordinary Water Lily
Representing the Mystery of the Deep
Duchess Dominique Isabella Benamu

Dominique Isabella Benamu

The Duchess of the Jubilant Sunflower
Representing Joyful Optimism
Duchess Katherine Anne Berman

Katherine Anne Berman

The Duchess of the Enchanting Edelweiss
Representing the Courage of Devoted Love
Duchess Elizabeth Blakemore Binger

Elizabeth Blakemore Binger

The Duchess of the Ethereal Moonflower
Representing Nocturnal Magic
Duchess Elle Marie Boyd

Elle Marie Boyd

The Duchess of the Royal Iris
Representing Noble Regalia
Duchess Jordan Field Carson

Jordan Field Carson

The Duchess of the Inspiring Sea Daffodil
Representing Nature’s Resilience
Duchess Emily Blair Clower

Emily Blair Clower

The Duchess of the Opulent Peony
Representing Honor and Prosperity in the East
Duchess Anna Elizabeth Cooper Humpal

Anna Elizabeth Cooper Humpal

The Duchess of the Jubilant Dahlia
Representing the Strength of Enduring Grace
Duchess Allison Camille Dibble

Allison Camille Dibble

The Duchess of the Aromatic Lilac
Representing Legendary Fragrance
Duchess Jayna Rae Grove

Jayna Rae Grove

The Duchess of the Cheerful Gerber Daisy
Representing Radiant Happiness
Duchess Paityn Renee Havelka

Paityn Renee Havelka

The Duchess of the Texas Bluebonnet
Representing Proud Independence
Duchess Monique Nicole Martinez

Monique Nicole Martinez

The Duchess of the Wondrous Passionflower
Representing Divine Reflections
Duchess Sarah Elise McLean

Sarah Elise McLean

Duchess of the Dazzling Cherry Blossom
Representing Fleeting Splendor
Duchess Abigail Catherine Sheets

Abigail Catherine Sheets

The Duchess of the Revered Lotus
Representing the Purity of Creation
Duchess Natalie Marie Smith

Natalie Marie Smith

The Duchess of the Exquisite Orchid
Representing Ancient Refinement
Duchess Lauren Brynn Peterson

Lauren Brynn Peterson

The Duchess of the Captivating Camellia
Representing the Fashionable Chic of Coco Chanel
Duchess Eloise Juliet Urban

Eloise Juliet Urban

Duchess of the Alluring Anemone
Representing Mythic Love
Duchess Laura Marie Winston

Laura Marie Winston

The Duchess of the Colorful Hibiscus
Representing Tropical Traditions
Ducchess Amber Nicole Alexandra Zivley

Amber Nicole Alexandra Zivley

The Duchess of the Treasured Tulip
Representing the Extravagance of the Dutch Golden Age